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Gibralter Point

Gibralter Point

Nature Reserve

Gibraltar Point National Nature Reserve is made up of 430 hectares of sandy and muddy seashores, sand-dunes, saltmarshes and freshwater habitats. Located on the Lincolnshire coast South of Skegness. Nestled between the town of Skegness and the entrance to the Wash. Gibraltar Point is a is a jewel on the Lincolnshire coast, somewhere to escape from it all and “recharge your batteries”.


Thirteen species of bird are known to frequent the varied landscape of Gilbratar Point at different periods throughout the year.

Some number highest in the winter, while others are so rare that you’d be very lucky to even catch a glimpse.

The oystercatcher is perhaps the most often noticed bird at the reserve, because its black and white plumage and long beak makes it somewhat distinctive. It’s a wading bird and can be seen in abundance in September at high tide.

The knot is another bird to be found often in large numbers. Large flocks will glide and veer through the air in their thousands, making it easy to know if you’ve seen them! September and October are the peak times to catch these remarkable creatures as they flock to the British Isles from their breeding grounds high in the Arctic.

Among the other species – although one seen far less frequently – is the shorelark. Its declining numbers mean you might just spot a few dozen in the saltmarsh areas during the winter.

Location Details

Distance from park: 9.3 Miles
Postcode: PE24 4ST
Website: Click Here

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